Everyday we experience waiting, some days more often than others. Waiting upright for long hours, especially if you have ligament injuries, is very uncomfortable. It’s our mission, with Sitpack to solve this problem.

Sitpack is 16.8cm in height and 6.5cm in diameter and is pocket-able and sustainable.

By flipping the sides of the Sitpack upward a seat is formed and the adjustable leg is revealed. Seating height is adjustable from 87cm (regular barstool) to 65cm, and can support up to 100kg and provides an ergonomic seating position.

Sitpack is actually made for helping people that have chronic ligament problems or suffered sports injuries making standing seriously uncomfortable. Our customers include both Ex-marines, athletes, people that have bad ankles, knees or back etc. Sitpack made for portability, hence one leg not four/three. But also for anyone else that does not enjoy standing and waiting for hours, for a delayed concert to get going - just on of many scenarios where it can be put to use.


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