Refunds and replacements

Sitpack comes fully assembled, 12 parts in total. If one part is missing its not possible to use it.

All Sitpack parts are injection molded, and does not come faulty from the factory (minor marks on plastic, and shrinkage can appear) but nothing that affect locking and unlocking of the tubes. 

Common issue

The most common issue occurs when the is not securely locked. All lines on the Sitpack leg, has to align, if not, the leg will collapse when out to use. It is easy to feel if all tubes are locked; by pushing gently on the seat while Sitpack is vertical to the ground.

This issue is easily dealt with by following this video:


If you are not in tune with your Sitpack, return it in like-new* condition in the original packaging within 14 days of delivery.

Please reach out to customer support, for a refund, and explain why you are returning your product. Please provide photo documentation if there is a problem with the unit it self, as we can solve the problem most of the times.

*We do not refund products that are sent back as a result of wrongful usage of the product.


If a Sitpack is indeed faulty, we will replace it free of charge as long as photo/video documentation is provided - and it does not bear marks of wrongful usage.

If Sitpack has suffered cracks due to disassembly, when following the video for solving the stuck issue, we send out replacement parts free of charge. 



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    SitPack appears to be a great idea, but I find it too wobbly for an old lady of 72 years.  If I move AT ALL it loses stability.  Also, opening the 'seat' is quite difficult.  Then, the first section doesn't lock in place when it is supposed to.  On top of that, I requested pink (which is less likely to get stolen) and received green.  The color is not a problem, since I don't use the SitPack at all.  I'd really like to get my money back IF I COULD FIGURE OUT HOW.

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    Prof. Dr. Barjoyai Bardai

    I received a delivery of Sitpack on Thursday afternoon. I immediately open it and try to install. Unfortunately the no. 5 extension got stuck inside and I could not pull out...So I could not install the sitpack at all. I considered the set as DEFECT.... Please replace the set...

    Thank you.

    Barjoyai Bardai


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    Dear Forest.

    Thank you for your feedback. Sitpack Yes the Sitpack is only as stable as your own balance, It is a one legged resting device, and can not stand by it self. We guarantee that Sitpack always locks into place, when used correctly, you can see that in our videos. If you want a refund please write to


    Dear Prof. Dr. Barjoyai Bardai

    Thank you for message. Please see the disassembly video in the Sitpack Repair section, if you follow the video, you will see and learn the locking mechanism at it should not happen again.


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    Alvin Tan

    I've enjoyed using my SitPack since late June 2016, and been a bragging right for me on several occasions, as it's almost unheard of in my country.
    I've used it on casual outings, used it at the Singapore F1 carnival, used it at train stations etc.

    Unfortunately, the neck component & the 1st section of the post snapped on me, just 2 days ago. Fortunate for my reflexes, I leaned forward the moment i heard some crackling, so there's no injury.

    No love lost, it's been 6 months, I'm still in love with the SitPack, I'm wondering if there's any means to remedy, or to replace the broken parts? Or, should it be entirely replaced, for fear that the structure is compromised?

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    Alvin Tan

    Kudos to the kind folks at SitPack for their prompt response to verify the problem I encountered, and for coordinating the complimentary replacement parts with postage swiftly.

    It took me mere few minutes to disassemble and reassemble using the replacement parts... now, good as new~!

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